You are an awesome pet parent!

The Bushy Tails App is a complete, single point Pet Care App.
Designed to help pet owners and animal lovers take the best possible care of their animals.
Keeping important records and exchange information with pet professionals and other owners!

Exclusive benefits for our members!

Shop at our Bushy Tails Online Shop for all your pets needs, knowing that we have hand selected good quality products at great prices to make caring for your fur babies a breeze. Every product has your pet’s health and well-being at the top of our priority list.

Be sure to look at our Natural Pet Care products, which have been endorsed by the Beauty without Cruelty Organisation.

Become a Bushy Tails member by downloading and subscribing to our Bushy Tails Mobile App, and you will enjoy the benefits of earning and redeeming Pet Coins.

These Pet Coins can be used to purchase items from our Online Shop, or you can redeem them in the form of a voucher with any one of our partners.

Explore our features

This app is filled with the most useful features and options to cater for the most decreeing pet owner.


Locate Your Pet, Anytime, Anywhere!

So you just got home and see that happy face and wagging tail is not eagerly waiting for you. If fact, your furry loved one decided its best they go looking for you. At a push of a button, the app notifies and actions all relevant parties that your pet is missing.


Spotted a Stray Pet?

Seen a diligent pet on AWOL looking for his owner, but looking very lost too? At a push of a button you can alert all relevant parties to help reunite them.


Pet Reminders

Was it Tuesday or Friday, at the groomers, or the vet?? Flip! And for which pet? This section keeps all of your reminders that you set, and notifies you in time.

Vet Reminders

Grooming Reminders

General Reminders


Report a Incident

Seen a 'hit and run', or involved in one yourself? Or just as bad, you've seen a situation that involves cruelty? At one press of a button, all relevant parties will be notified, and steps taken to attend to the situation.

Report Accident

Report Abuse


Pet Places

Need a groomer, a vet, or a pet shop? You now have access to hundreds of NPO's and registered animal services right at your fingertips. All can be sorted closest to your location in distance.

Vets Near Me

Grooming Near Me


Animal Hospital

Pet Shops Near Me

Other /All


Pet Shop

Our online pet shop offers you all the pet food and accessories you can expect from our actual store.


Earn Referral Coins

If you promote the app and get your friends and family or even your work colleagues to subscribe using your referral code, you can earn Pet Coins every month, if they subscribe to the app and stay active members! Make sure to like our Bushy Tails Facebook Page, so you can be aware of events or any Bushy Tails activities taking place. You can also read up on our goals and vision with regards to establishing our Animal Sanctuary and Fun Park sometime in the future!

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Happy Faces

People are loving the control they have over their pets when their minds might be distracted.

This has been my most valuable app for tracking my 4 pets.

Marilyn Beuster, SA

Being able to report incidents has allowed me to help the safeguarding of the monkey troops.

Angela, Ballito

This app has helped me find my pet twice. I've also had to upgrade my fence!

Mike Cullen, Capetown

You are starting to win me over.

We know you want to spend EVERY moment with us, and remember everything that concerns me, but lets face it, you can’t. So use this app to keep track of my vet visits, medical details, and find me when I get lost.