Amigo Integrity Puppy Dog Food


Amigo Integrity Puppy Dog Food is a premium, steam cooked food with no artificial colorants and is free of wheat gluten to avoid allergies and improve well-being

Key Features:

  • Delicious, small-sized kibbles are made with natural chicken protein which is lean and easy to digest.
  • Karoo Ostrich Oil adds high levels of healthy Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids for shiny coats and healthy skins.
  • Rice and Fibers aid digestion.
  • Glucosamine & chondroitin stimulate joint growth.
  • Optimal calcium to phosphorus ratio for bone & teeth development.
  • 4kg
  • 8kg

Earn up to 150 Pet Coins.


  • Sensitive dogs formula
  • Chicken only
  • Free of maize; wheat gluten; soya; artificial colourant and flavourant
  • Delicious Small Kibbles for puppies


  •  27% of highly digestible proteins
  • 11% of fat with high levels of Omega 3&6
  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin

4kg, 8kg